Friday, January 16, 2009


Thanks to the huge and generous donation of the former summer residence of Dr Marjorie
Rogosta of Talahassie FLORIDA ,The Ella Freeman Heritage House of Champneys West Trinity Bay Newfoundland has become a reaility,now under a huge renovation this place will house a lot of artifacts, stories ,pictures ,audio,video,autobiographies of a lot of seniors that are presently living and some who have since deceased.Dr Rogosta has a knowledge of research and ancestery facts that have astounded us,her research takes her to England for a period every year and she is well known at the Queen Elizabeth Library at Memorial University in St Johns Newfoundland,who has recently published an article on her in their paper the Gazzette pertaining to the research that she has done,copies of drRogosta"s
research and memoirs will be housed here as well ,ELLA Freeman was Dr Rogosta" mother who was born in champneys west to mr and mrs jim and olive freeman who lived just down the cove from where the heritage house is today ,at a early age left st johns on a passenger boat and went to the States(new york ) for work as many had to do at that time,from there she met and married Alex Nystrom and had children Marjorie and Robert who lived and stayed in the states,but on numerous occasions visited champneys west ,along with their mother(aunt ella) and marjorie eventually purchased the present home that is now the museum to spend more time here for her now aging mother ,and herself to gain even more experience of the roots she come from. Marjorie_ THANK YOU FROM THE RESIDENCE OF CHAMPNEYS WEST ,THE HERITAGE COMMITTE,AND THANK YOU CHRISTINE AND TOM WE NOW KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LIKE IT HERE ,AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS ...THANKYOU.


  1. Great to see you on the net. Thanks for using some of my pics on the site. The Blogg looks good from this side of the world.

    Happy New Year (again) that' 2 last year. How many this year?

    Love to you all
    Max, Dawn & Bill

  2. The house looks awesome guys. When does it open for business? I can't wait to see it this summer when we make our pilgrimage :)

    Cheers to all!